Botox Injections are done in the clinic and no anesthesia is required.  Injections are performed with a small camera that is inserted into the bladder so your doctor can see where to place the injections.   The entire procedure takes about 5 minutes. In general, patients are surprised by how fast the procedure takes and how little discomfort they experience. You may go home the same day.

Botox injection photo
Figure 2

Botox lasts approximately about 6 to 9 months in most patients.  The entire procedure takes about 5 minutes without any incision.  60-70% of patients treated will improve with Botox.

Side effects are generally mild, such as urinary tract infection. There is a small percent of patients who will have incomplete urination, but this is rare and temporary.

Your doctor can review this procedure with you in detail.

In an interview with WRIC TV8, Dr. Rapp discusses Botox bladder injections.

Botox interview screengrab

Dr. Rapp was involved in many of the earliest studies examining the use of bladder Botox injections.  These studies showed that patients benefited from Botox, either patients were cured or saw significant improvements in their condition. This is a wonderful result considering most of these patients had failed other available therapies.

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