When to get a Second Opinion

Published: August 22, 2018
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You may have heard the old adage, “always get a second opinion.”

But, seeking out a second opinion can be intimidating. Where should you start?

The physicians at Virginia Urology are highly specialized in all aspects of urology and urogynecology. Our practice has over 75 years of experience treating patients, improving outcomes and offering thorough second opinions.

Unless your condition is a life-threatening emergency, taking time to get a second opinion can help you make sure that you’re choosing the best course of treatment for your health goals.

Consider Visiting Virginia Urology for a Second Opinion If

  1. You’ve received a cancer diagnosis
  2. Your doctor recommends surgery
  3. The recommended treatment is experimental or expensive
  4. You are not confident in your diagnosis
  5. You are unsure of all available treatment options 

Common Examples:

For women: If you suffer from pelvic organ prolapse or urinary incontinence your doctor may advise you to undergo surgery. The physicians at Virginia Urology Women’s Health regularly work with women dealing with prolapse and/or urinary incontinence and can provide in a non-surgical or minimally invasive way to help you find relief.

For men: If you receive a prostate cancer diagnosis, seeking out the opinion of a specialist at Virginia Urology can be extremely beneficial. There are a variety of treatment options including but not limited to surgery (open or robotic), radiation and active surveillance. Our doctors can examine your unique case and work with you to develop a care plan that works best for you.

Why Choose Virginia Urology

At Virginia Urology we work seamlessly with your existing doctors to provide expert second opinions and recommendations. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

At Virginia Urology, we know what your options are and can empower you to make informed healthcare decisions. Our doctors have a variety of backgrounds and specialties, which help us examine your case from every angle. Many patients come to us after being told that their only option is surgery, and we are often able to provide alternative non-surgical or minimally invasive intervention to treat their symptoms.

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