Heart Health for Urological Health

Published: October 10, 2019
hands in heart shape with sunshine

You probably know that consistent exercise is good for your health. Too often though people hit the gym or adopt a workout routine strictly to lose weight. But, there are many additional benefits that result from getting more active and taking care of your heart. That’s why for certain urological conditions your physician’s first recommendation may be to address your lifestyle choices. Namely: your activity level. 

Urinary Incontinence.

If you suffer from bladder issues, you may be hesitant to exercise because in many cases it can exacerbate urinary leakage. But the fact of the matter is that over time exercise can actually improve many bladder conditions. When you participate in low-impact exercise like cycling or swimming, the resulting strength you gain in your core, chest, and spine can reduce pressure on the bladder and its supporting muscles. (1) Just make sure to discuss with your doctor what type of exercises would be best for your particular condition. Some more rigorous movement, like jumping jacks, may actually worsen urinary leakage.

Erectile Dysfunction.

It can be tempting for patients to ignore ED, because they think it’s an isolated issue. However, ED is commonly a secondary condition that results from underlying health issues like heart disease, obesity, and/or diabetes. In some cases ED can even be an early indicator that something is amiss. For some patients, implementing heart-healthy exercise into your daily routine can help rectify the health issue(s) causing ED, and reduce ED symptoms as a bonus. (1) 

Not sure where to start? You certainly don’t need to start training for a marathon any time soon. Rather, start by looking for low-impact ways to get more activity into your day. The key? Find something you enjoy! Maybe that’s a daily walk with your partner, best friend, or dog (or all three!) Or if indoor exercise strikes your fancy try something like swimming or yoga to get started. Both of them will challenge you and increase your heart rate without adding unnecessary risk of injury. 

Keep in mind, that while exercise is a great start towards better health, it is not a free pass to ignore other lifestyle choices that may be impacting your health. Smoking, excessive drinking, and an unhealthy diet can all undermine even the most consistent of fitness routines.

As a rule, anything that’s healthy for your heart, is going to have widespread benefits, including supporting your urological health. 

(1) https://health.usnews.com/health-care/for-better/articles/how-exercise-benefits-urological-health

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