Male Infertility

Male infertility is defined by difficulty naturally conceiving a child due to low sperm count or related factors. The time period associated with male infertility complications one year of unprotected sex with the efforts to conceive a child and no results.


Sperm disorders, immune system disorders, varicoceles or any other type of abnormality, retrograde ejaculation, chromosome abnormalities, obstruction, hormones, and medications can all be potential causes of male infertility.


Semen and blood tests are commonly able to pick up on hormonal imbalances, and low sperm count or sperm abnormalities. An ultrasound, and in some cases a testicular biopsy, may also be used to pick up on any blockages or abnormalities. Past history and a physical exam will also typically be conducted to help pinpoint the cause.


Steroids, medications such as antibiotics, nerve impulse therapy, and different surgeries can all be forms of treatment for male infertility, and which form of treatment used will vary with the underlying cause of the condition.

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