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Video Gallery

daVinci Robotic Surgery

Dr. Szobota on CBS Richmond

Vasectomy Madness
Dr. David Glazier discusses urinary incontinence
Dr. Seabury discusses BPH
Vasectomy Madness TV Commercial
Dr. Glazier discusses urinary incontinence in women
Drs. Sliwinski and Koziol discuss erectile dysfunction
Dr. Barnes discusses enlarged prostate causes
Dr. Gowda
How do kidney stones form?
Our Belize Medical Mission Trip
Urgent®PC–how it works
Virginia Urology Prostate 2014

Prostate Surgery for Enlarged Prostate-Short Version

Prostate Surgery for Enlarged Prostate-Long Version
Robotic Vesico-Vaginal Fistula Repair
Carol Gruber, A.N.P.
Katherine M. Oxford, P.T.
Vasectomy Mayhem 2018
Phone Wait Notice (Desktop Version)