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Surgery Centers

The Virginia Urology Surgery Center is an affiliate of Virginia Urology.

Advanced surgical procedures and sophisticated new medical techniques have made it possible for many patients to receive surgical treatment and return to the comfort of their own home — on the same day. Not only does this eliminate the anxiety of overnight hospitalization, it also minimizes disruptions in daily life and significantly reduces the medical costs.

At Virginia Urology Surgery Center (VUSC), we offer the same high standards of care that you have come to expect from us – a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and medical expertise second to none. Our staff includes a team of highly-qualified urologists, anesthesiologists, radiation oncologists, certified registered nurse anesthetists, surgical and recovery nurses and technologists who will help you and your family. VUSC facilities are fully licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

Virginia Urology Surgery Center offers three convenient locations:

Surgical Scheduling & Admitting Procedures

Your physician’s office staff will schedule your surgical procedure and provide you with pre-operative instructions. A nurse at the VUSC will contact you two days prior to your scheduled procedure to inform you of your arrival time and provide you with any additional instructions.  VUSC’s general overview of Pre-Op Instructions and Day of Surgery Expectations are available for you to review (please note this is an abbreviated overview and you will receive a complete set of instructions from your physician).

Prior to your procedure, a complete medical history will be taken and surgical consent forms will be presented for your signature. In addition, a physical examination will be performed by your physician. Some patients based on their medical history and the type of anesthesia they will receive may need to have a pre-admission testing (PAT) appointment scheduled to receive additional lab work or an EKG.

Please be assured that it is the policy of Virginia Urology Surgery Center that patients may select the facility of their choice for all surgical procedures.

To review the Virginia Urology Surgery Centers’ financial policy, click here (PDF).

Thank you for selecting Virginia Urology Surgery Center. Our primary goal is to provide the best medical care in a manner that is both comfortable and convenient for you.

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