Low Testosterone (Low T)

As men age, it is common for many to experience low testosterone. Low testosterone is also referred to as low T, or clinically referred to as hypogonadism. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that circulates in the bloodstream. With age, levels of testosterone naturally decline. While this is normal, in certain circumstances it may cause related health issues.


Age is the primary cause of low testosterone. Other causes can be type two diabetes, sleep apnea, obesity and hypertension, damage to the testicles, infection of the testicles, testicular cancer, and chronic pain requiring chronic use of pain medication.


Decreased sex drive, energy, muscle mass, and exercise tolerance are all common with low testosterone. Other related symptoms include erectile dysfunction, change in cognitive function, irritability, mood change, depression, iron deficiency, and osteoporosis.


A simple blood test will indicate whether or not an individual has low testosterone levels, and will also be able to point out any possible underlying conditions that are the root cause of low testosterone. Your doctor will also conduct a physical exam and medical history screening.


If a patient is found to have low testosterone, doctors will likely use testosterone replacement therapy which in many cases will bring the patient back to their normal daily function.

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